3 Essential Things You Need To Know Before Buying Self-Inking Stamps!

by Nolan Rizea

We can say that almost everyone already knows what a rubber stamp is. This stamp is widely used, and that can be one of the reasons why we are familiar with the rubber stamp. You may see it as a sign on your passport, or maybe as approval on certain documents. Besides, starting from small businesses, big companies, to institutions also apply it to do their work. 

Nowadays, there are several types of rubber stamps, one of the most popular is a self-inking stamp! If you have the intention of owning it, there are a few things you need to know before having and ordering it. So, let’s get into the details! 

1. The Difference Between Pre-Inked Stamp and Self-Inking Stamp 

First things first, there are two popular rubber stamps now. The first one is a self-inking stamp, and the second one is a pre-inked stamp. Do you know the difference between the two stamps? If you have no idea about that, how can you possibly choose to make a self-inking stamp? How if the pre-inked one will be more suitable for your needs? Because of that, you should know about the difference between both stamps. 

So, pre-inked stamps use oil-based inks, and it is perfect for those who want to produce a very sharp and high-quality impression. But, self-inking stamps use water-based inks. It doesn’t produce an impression as good as a pre-inked stamp, but it is suitable for stamping in large quantities, and the price is more affordable. So, based on this brief explanation, have you made the right choice? 

2. Things That Have to be Prepared Before Ordering It 

Preparation is needed, including when you want to buy a self-inking stamp. But what should be prepared? Well, you can see it below! 

  • Do you have a design for your stamp? There are two options about design, ask the maker to create it or you design it on your own. 
  • All the required information should be prepared if it will be included on the stamp. Make sure you check the information before using it. 
  • Have you decided on the perfect size for your stamp? It is essential to know about the size that will be matched for it. You need to find out the type and size of the document that will be affixed by using it first. That will help you to know the perfect size of your stamp! 

3. The Best Place to Order Your Self-Inking Stamps 

You will never have a self-inking stamp until you find the self-inking stamp maker to make it. But wait, have you decide it? how do you choose a stamp maker? Do you go to the nearest one or do you try to find the cheapest maker for it? You are free to decide where to make it, but keep in mind that you still have to consider the quality and skill of the maker. So, find not only a professional rubber stamp maker who offers an affordable price but also who is trusted and qualified in producing your self-inking stamps!

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