4 Reasons Why Do You Have To Make A Thank You Card

by Bryan Dew

You can make many kinds of cards for various needs today, one of which is a thank you card. Sending a thank you card is a great way to thoughtfully recognize what someone has done for you. If you do, you will be more memorable to that person and make a good impression. It is also a good idea to express gratitude in written form, but you will save more time just by making a printed form cards. Here are the reasons why you should make a thank you card. 

1. Gratitude make things better 

Yes, I know sometimes in this day and age manners seem to be teetering on the brink, and the emojis on your smartphone can replace the task of sincerely expressing gratitude. This is a bit contrary to what Margaret Shepherd said on her book to express gratitude that very little effort is required. “Greeting cards or thank you notes that you write must recapture the smile, handshake, or hug as if you would give in person.” Furthermore, she added that the greeting card that you make must have characteristics, namely specific, generous, prompt, personal, and succinct. 

2. Added value that sets you apart 

If you want to stand out, then be more polished, and one of the easiest ways is to use common gratitude which should be emphasized more and more today, namely ‘thanks’. You can say this gratitude directly, or by using other media such as greeting cards. Try to position yourself as someone who is looking for a talent, will you recruit people who are ordinary and there are no significant positive differences than other candidates? No right? You will remember more and tend to pick those who show a positive difference and leave a good impression as simple as a thank you at the end of the interview. 

3. Gratitude is good for your well-being 

Christian Jarrett in one of his publications on NeuroImage, that short gratuity writing tasks make a person’s brain still wired to feel thankful for months. The implication is that saying thanks and the habit of showing gratitude which is done continuously, will make you attuned to it and you can enjoy the benefits from the psychological side. Psychological benefits in this case are feeling of wellbeing, and reducing stress and depression. 

4. A good part of culture 

Culture is a habit that is embedded in a community. Culture can be in any form, from food culture, clothing, habits, and others. A culture that is the signature of an area will usually be easier to remember and standout from other cultures. One of the good habits or behavior to continue is the habit of saying thank you that can be conveyed directly or indirectly. However, you know that sometimes even though conveying in person can be as easy as the touch of a finger on your smartphone, sometimes it is difficult to do. Therefore, you need to start to convey gratitude using cards which you can easily do, and it will be more memorable and strengthens the existing culture.  

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