4 Things About Foamboard That Just Make Sense

by Nolan Rizea

Do you know what a foamboard is? Yes, foamboard is a tool for providing information to the public. Most of them are used in the business sector, especially for SMEs. you can make it at your nearest foamboard printing. Here’s what you need to know about foamboard.  

1. Can Be Carried Anywhere Easily 

Due to its light size, the foamboard can be carried anywhere easily. You don’t even need any tools to lift it, just use your hands. The material used is composed of foam and polystyrene coat on the outside. This makes the outer part of the foamboard rigid and strong. Anyway, back to the practicality of foam board. You will greatly benefit from its portability. If you are at an exhibition, then you will have high mobility for loading and unloading your goods to your exhibition venue. So, if one day you are going to hold an exhibition or promote your product/service, then a foamboard is the right choice. 

2. The Price Is Cheap 

If you ask about marketing tools, the foamboard is one of the cheapest. Foamboard has been used as a marketing tool for as long as you can guess. Along with the development of times and technology, foamboard making has rapidly progressed. Automation and manufacturing using machines can minimize human contribution as a source of human error. At the same time, it also makes the manufacturing costs cheaper. If you want to step your game up in a product exhibition, outreach to the public, then foamboard is the choice. 

3. Making It Easy  

All you need is the design in the image format. This image does not have to be a detailed, engraved image, but a simple image that represents the value of the product or service you offer. For example, you want to promote a vitamin product to maintain endurance. So, you can take a picture of the vitamin packaging product, along with a complete benefit that will be obtained. The format can be in the form of bullet points that are easy for people to read. After that, you can place the foamboard on your booth to sell. For more details, usually, foam board making service providers accept several image formats for design applications. After that, will consult your wishes. The manufacturing process is quite fast considering the number of details that have to be made. The use of machines also supports the speed of making foamboard.  

4. Add Your Product Value 

If you are in the position of a consumer, you will be more interested in a unique and different product than the others. Different in this case, it provides more solutions to increase product value. You also look more prepared and serious in carrying out an activity (for example: business) at the exhibition. Why is that? This is because the success of getting and maintaining value will not be obtained if the preparation is not done well. Therefore, you may find that the creation of this foamboard is not significant. But be prepared when you get a positive value and image from your customers. 

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