4 Ways to Design a Perfect Banner for High Quality Printing

by Darrell Miguel

Even though you can afford to choose the best material for a banner, if the design of it is not effective and good enough, it won’t be able to work at its full potential. Thus, advertising done so won’t be able to get you the results and goal you want. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you are able to get yourself an impeccable banner printing and designing that truly stands out in the place it is hung and deliver the message properly and in an effective way.

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration as you design a banner for your advertising and marketing campaign so that it can be successful. The design step of a banner production is very crucial because it determines the whole quality of a banner at the end of it. So, here are some tips and tricks that you can note down and implement as you design a banner.

1. Banner Size

Before you actually start designing, you have to first know the size of the banner you want to design. The decision for the banner size can be based on the place where you are planning to put it on. After having several size options, you have to make sure that the printing service that you choose for the production of your banner can provide that size with their available material or PVC stock. Then, you can start designing the banner according to the agreed size. This way, you can create a design that is more accurate because you already know the size you want and whether it is feasible to produce.

2. Keep Content Simple

Never ever try to clutter the design of your banner with too many words or other design elements such as images, graphics, illustrations, decorations, borders, and so on. Always keep it simple and it is best to try to place everything closer to the middle. People don’t usually spend time to stop and read your banner for a long time. Your banner needs to be able to deliver the promotional message the second people’s eyes land on it, so keeping everything centered makes it easier for everyone to catch all the content of the banner without having to strain their eyes looking at other corners of the banner for more details.

3. High Quality

Make sure that the images and graphics resolutions are high for printing. Banner printing usually means large size printing. So, you have to make sure that everything is designed in a high resolution of minimum of 300 dpi to avoid anything getting ruined upon printing. High resolution images can truly maintain their quality no matter how big you print your banners. A crisp looking banner will look more professional and definitely attractive, so never skip checking the quality of everything you insert into the design of your banner for a better looking advertising tool.

4.Design in CMYK

Designing in CMYK means matching the colors that you design in on the software or application wit the colors used by printers to actually produce the banner. This will make it more possible for you to get an accurate result because if you design in RGB and print in CMYK, there might be slight differences that may disappoint you after printing.

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