Basics of Sticker Printing You Must Know

by Darrell Miguel

If you’re planning to print stickers for commercial uses, it is very important to be able to design and print them in the best quality possible. At the very least, you need to know what to do and what to avoid as you design a sticker, as well as the right materials to make a decent sticker that can appeal to people especially if you are planning to sell it or if you are using your sticker for a marketing campaign.

Here is several basic Singapore stickers printing knowledge that you need to understand.

1. Color Processing

There are two most known color processing types, which are the RGB and the CMYK colors. The difference between the two is the base color that each of them uses to create more colors in the color palette. The RGB color processing uses three basic colors of red, green, and blue. Meanwhile, CMYK color processing uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The kind of colors the two can produce is slightly different. As you design your sticker, you would want to check and make sure that you design using CMYK colors that are often used for printers so that later on there will be no color inaccuracies upon the printing process. If you design in RGB and print in CMYK, there’s a chance that the color that appears after printing won’t be as what you expected it to be, since they look different from the one you see on your monitor display.

The disadvantage of RGB and CMYK color processing are that they are not very good for the large solid color area. Instead, for a large solid color area, you can choose to use Pantone colors. However, this color processing is more expensive than RGB or CMYK.

2. Break Up Large Color Area

To avoid using the expensive Pantone color, you should pay attention to the design of the sticker you make. See if there’s a large solid color area. If yes, then you’d want to break it up into smaller parts in different colors so that you can have it processed with cheaper color processing and get a good result at the end.

3. Finishes

Be aware of the compatibility of finish you choose with the type of paper stock and ink you use to process your sticker. Some don’t work well with each other. You also have to consider the uses of the sticker itself. For example, whether you are using it for indoors or outdoors purposes. The right type of finish may vary depending on these choices.

4. Print Professionally

Even though you have a good understanding of the printing process, without the right equipment, you won’t be able to get the high quality stickers you want. So, instead of trying to print them on your own with a common printer, you should always have your stickers produced by a good printing service with the right equipment to complete the job. A printing service is also great because it can produce a large number of stickers in a short amount of time.

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