Before You Design Your Name Card, Know These Three Tips

by Nolan Rizea

Thinking of a good name card design for name card printing can be quite a challenge not only for beginners but even for professional graphic designers. However, for beginners, there are more challenges since they need to learn how to navigate well through designing software. Of course, they can choose to hire a graphic designer to do the designing for them, but not all businessmen or entrepreneurs have the budge to do so. Another alternative that they can choose if professional design software is too difficult for them is to find customizable online templates. They are far more self-explanatory and easier to learn. Usually, they are quite flexible, still. The only downside is that they usually end up charging more than software such as Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw since they require a monthly subscription and various purchases. So, for every choice, there are advantages and disadvantages. Whatever the choice you make, make sure that you understand and remember these name card printing tips so that you can make a great name card for your business.

1. Information

First thing first, before you start designing, you have to know what is the information you want to put on your name card. There are not many variations that people can do in general. Since a name card is a tool to help people exchange contact information, surely you simply have to put whatever means people can choose to get in touch with you. However, you can’t go overboard with this. Make sure that your name card at least have your name, position, and essential contact information such as phone number, company or office address, e-mail, and perhaps a website or social media handle. Adding the latter will make people try to discover more about the business you are running on their own by savoring the more information displayed on those websites.

2. Layout

After knowing the information that you will put on your name card, you should start thinking about the layout. The layout of your name card should be able to accommodate all the information you want to put on your name card. But this does not mean that simple. The elements of your name card should fit and still leave enough space between each other for a neater and less crowded look. It also can help to increase the legibility of your card, aside from the choice of font size and style. Remember not to overcrowd your name card with too many texts or even too many graphics.

3. Card stock

Card stock or paper stock is available in many choices, ranging from a cheap and low-quality one to premium quality paper with, of course, a high price. Your choice of paper stock for your name card should suit not only your budget but also the image and impression you want to bring for your company. It is ideal if you can choose to print on paper that is at least an average of quality so that it won’t tear easily and it will give your company a better image.

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