Choose One of These 6 Finishes After Postcard Printing for Better Results

by Bryan Dew

Do you think you’re done after printing your postcard? No, you’re not. You can still make it better. 

How to make a postcard look better? 

Well, the answer is by using postcard printing in Singapore finishes.  

What are finishes for postcards? 

Finishes are what you can add after postcard printing to make it look better or enhance its quality. There are many different types of finishes in the world postcard printing. 

Today, we’ll go over some of that. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

1. Metallic Ink 

If you’re bored of the regular ink used for printing, how about spicing it up a little? Take your postcard printing level up by a notch and choose metallic ink. Metallic ink can be used on certain parts, areas, or text on your postcard to make it look stand out more. With metallic ink, the text or images and patterns printed will have a unique shine and metal appearance that surely stands out. 

2. Embossing 

Embossing is often done not only for postcards but also for name cards. With embossing, a selected part, usually text, has its surface raised by getting pressed between two plates. Embossing gives your postcard a unique feel. What’s also great about this is that it is an ink free process. So, you won’t have to worry about a mess. Embossing gives an elegant look, makes you appear polished, and helps you impress your target customers. 

3. UV Spot 

UV spot refers to a process of coating. This one has always been quite popular. You can choose to either coat the entirety of the postcard. But you can also choose only a certain part of the postcard coated for extra shine. You can use this for example on your name, the name of your company, your position or job title, and your company name. People’s eyes will easily catch the highlighted part and take the information into their minds or make a movie to give you a call if interested. 

4. Die-Cutting 

If you want your postcard to have a unique shape, impressive patterns, and other similar things, then you can go for die-cutting. Die-cutting is a way of trimming even intricate parts on a certain paper and polish it to make it look great. With the die-cutting process, you can have a postcard design like no other. 

5. Lamination 

This is perhaps one of the simplest types of finish for your postcard. Lamination is a way to give your postcard a protective layer. Lamination can be important if you are sending mails through the standard postcard service because it can get really long and damaging due to its checking process. 

Take note of those five finishes you can get for your postcard printing. You can freely choose more than one type of postcard finishes, but you have to make sure that the result won’t appear overdone. Keep it simple in terms of design, printing decisions, and finishes, and you can surely get the right postcard that works on your target customers. 

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