How to Choose the Perfect Easel Stand for Newly Starting Artists

by Darrell Miguel

If you are trying to get an easel stand Singapore and start looking up for it, you might have realized that there are several different types of easel stands that can be purchased. And maybe it gets rather confusing since you don’t know the differences between each type of easel stand. 

Maybe at this point, you start to wonder whether you really need an easel stand.  

Well, for an artist, an easel stand can really help in ensuring that you work comfortably in a good posture. You spend many hours working daily, and it is important to make sure that you avoid injuries by paying attention to the ergonomics of your working habits. But that is not all. An easel stand also helps you in making sure that dust does not collect on your painting and it also keeps away other damages from happening such as getting water spilled onto it or other unwanted situations. Also, with an easel stand, you will be able to work with no gesture limitation. 

Now, back to the types of easel stand. The right choice of easel stand depends on your work style and also the medium that you use. You can also put the size of your work into consideration as well as the budgets that you have for buying an easel stand.  

1. Single Mast Easel 

If you are early into art, this type of easel stand is most compatible for you because it is very simple, lightweight, and absolutely easy to manage. If you need to bring your easel back and forth between your usual workspace and to your art lessons, then this one is definitely perfect due to its high convenience. The single mast easel is usually cheap and this price offers you a decent quality easel stand. It is not very sturdy, however, it is still good enough for beginners. 

2. A-frame Easel Stand 

The A-frame easel stand is more sturdy than the single mast easel and it is supported by three legs of the frame that makes the shape of A letter, so it is called the A-frame easel stand. Sometimes, it is also called the tripod easel stand or lyre easel stand. This type of easel stand is also quite affordable and it is great for beginners up to intermediate level artists. Sometimes professionals use it too, however, it is preferable that professionals get a better quality easel stand. The A-frame easel stand can hold small to medium sized canvases and it can be adjusted easily to your needs. 

3. H-frame Easel Stand 

The H-frame easel stand is another popular studio easel because it is sturdy, even more compared to the single mast easel and the A-frame easel. This sturdiness is caused by its strong material, however, it makes the H-frame easel stand quite difficult to fold and store or transport, unlike the A-frame easel stand. So with this easel stand, you need a wide working space and it is more preferable for artists who like to work indoors. 

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