How to Get a Decent Company Seal

by Michael Lagrimas

One of the important post company registration steps in Singapore is getting a company seal. A company seal is an ink-free tool that leaves an embossed mark on a paper, a company of the company’s symbol or logo. Even though the company seal is no longer mandatory for the purpose of document authorization and authentication for a company, it is regarded as a good gesture to have it and put it to use each time a document is approved for release.

Upon the success of your company registration, you will receive a registration number. This number is to be included in the design of your company seal for the company along with the logo of your company because only with the registration number displayed on your company seal, it can be approved as a legal and valid one.

The design of a company seal should be kept simple. It is best to consult it with the company seal manufacturer for the best outcome possible. After the design is approved, the manufacturer will start producing the seal using a laser cutter machine to engrave the company name or logo and another design element onto a metal plate that will be used to leave the imprint on a piece of paper. The plate will be cooled down and correctly aligned. After that, permanent adhesive is applied on the plate so that it can be attached to the metal handle or holder for the seal. With that, a company seal is completed.

Even though there are not many steps in the production of a company seal, it requires time to cool down especially after the laser cutting process. Generally, it takes a couple of days for a company seal to be done. However, some manufacturers can make it within a day. Although, this is considered an express service and usually will cost more than usual. If you’re in a hurry, you can go for it. But if not, it’s better to save some money and choose the normal production time instead.

The use of a company seal has been reduced these days because its importance was quite watered down due to the fact that it’s no longer mandatory. Companies now can execute documents only with the signature of the company director without the mark of a company seal. Even so, making one does not hurt and does not cost a lot as well. With a company seal, you can do your work more professionally. A company seal will also help you to confirm the authenticity of a document because the mark of a company seal is difficult to forge or copy, thus the seal needs to be kept safe. The receiver of your documents or letters will be able to confirm the originality and source of the letter with the identity that is displayed on the mark of the company seal. Which is beneficial to avoid getting the document or letter you send getting mistaken as spam or something that is not really important.

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