Steps of Using a Wax Seal

by Darrell Miguel

Wax seals are elegant and beautiful that they are often used for decorations. Even though they seem simple, it can get quite tricky to actually get it right. 

Technically, you simply have to melt down your wax and pour it down onto the surface you want. Then, all you have to do is press down a stamp on the melted wax until it hardens. But, there are more things that you need to know and understand beyond that. Here are the steps of using a wax seal and tips to get it right. 

First, Chill Your Stamp 

Using a cold wax seal stamp is good, if not better. With a cold wax seal, you can give a better impression on the wax compared to normal temperature seal or even a hot seal. Try to always keep your stamp cold during your process of wax sealing, especially if you are sealing a number of waxes at a time. 

Next, Start Melting the Wax 

There are two options that you can choose. You can either use a traditional melting spoon or a standard glue gun. The latter option is more convenient because you don’t need a separate heat source. Using a glue gun, you can work faster and easier. Moreover, if you use a glue gun, you can always take a break and continue at a later time while keeping the wax in the glue gun. This tool option is perfect for large orders. However, pay attention to the heat that you set for your glue gun. Some people forget and set it too high, making the wax heated too much. A wax that is too hot won’t produce an impression that looks good and crisp. If you are using a spoon to melt your wax, remember to cool down the wax for a moment before pouring out the wax. If you wish to find out more you can visit

Step Three: Pour the Wax! 

It is one of the most fun part of wax sealing. But, it can be quite difficult and you might make a mess. There is no correct amount for this, because it may vary depending on the size of the seal that you have. Try to keep the shape nice and less messy. The key to a nice looking wax seal is pouring right into the middle and keeping your hand steady instead of moving it around. However, this is not a must. If you prefer messier edge, then feel free to do it that way. After all, wax sealing has no limitations to your creativity. 

Finally, Blot and Press 

After your wax is poured onto your desired surface, it is time for you to stamp it. Take your stamp and blot it to remove any excess water accumulated from the chilling process and then press the seal down onto your wax. Wait until it completely hardens, then there you go. You get yourself a beautiful looking wax seal. Don’t move your seal before the wax is completely hardened. Otherwise, it will stick to your stamp and the wax seal will be ruined. 

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