Things About Printed Certificate and E-Certificate

by Nolan Rizea

Generally, a certificate is an official document that verifies a certain fact. The aim of making it is depending on who is receiving and what event is the receiver in. So, it can be used for various purposes. Nowadays, since technology becomes part of our lives, certificates exist not only in printed form but also in digital form. People called it an e-certificate or digital certificate. But what are the differences between the two? So, if you are interested in the answer and more details about it, then read it to the end! 

1. The Similarity 

Before we continue about the differences between the two types of certificates, it is essential to know that the only thing distinguishes both types is because of their form. This means you can also print your e-certificate to own the printed one. But, both of them still have the same function, as recognition, appreciation, or awards for individuals, groups, instances, or  companies.  

For example, at a conference. Have you ever attended a conference? If you have, then you probably get a certificate by taking part in that event. In a conference, there are three kinds of the certificate that normally release as an appreciation for the participants, speakers, and attendees. If you go to an offline conference, you may get the printed one. However, if it is held online, you will likely get a digital certificate or e-certificate. But whatever the form is, the function remains the same. 

After explaining the similarity of the two types of form, let’s move on to discuss the differences between the two, specifically about the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the details! 

2. The Difference 

The advantage of having a printed certificate is that you can frame and display it in your home or office. However, if the certificate belongs to the company, it is advisable to display it in the office, especially in a specific area that is easy to see. Why? Because it can elevate the company to be more competent and professional in the eyes of the client or the potential one. Also, by displaying it in the office, employees can remember their results and achievement of hard work. But, because the certificate is printed, then the organizer or the person released it need to prepare addition cost for it. 

On the other hand, digital certificates are simpler and cost-effective. You can access it whenever and wherever you need it as long as you keep it on a flash disk, drive, cloud, or maybe on your laptop. As long as you have the file, you can still use it. Besides, since the organizer or the person issuing the certificate does not need to print it, they also do not need to spend money on it. However, you do not have the privilege of displaying it in your room or office. But, if you are interested in having the printed certificate, go to professional certificate printing will be the best option for you. By having a high-quality result of print, the result of your printed certificate will look even better! 

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