Tips on Making Quality Stamps for Business Purposes

by Darrell Miguel

Rubber stamp has been known as a very important office tool for its many uses. Rubber stamp can be used for either formal purposes or informal purposes.

For example, a self inking stamp can be made as a tool to help the decision-maker of the company to authorize or authenticate a document by leaving the imprint of the company’s logo on important documents so that the receiver of that document can always be sure of the authenticity of the document they receive.

More casually, rubber stamp can be useful for various jobs around the office. For example, it can help you mark documents for them to get arranged or grouped easier, you can let people know what to do with the documents, or simply just to mark certain items or papers to let people know who owns it. As a rubber stamp can be made into any shape and images, you can be creative with it and make it any way you want so that it can help you work more effectively around the office.

Depending on the design of the stamp, it can be formal and it can be casual as well, as mentioned. A stamp can hold power, but it can also be of no power completely.

A good stamp is a stamp that is designed meticulously and produced professionally. It determines the quality of the stamp and later on the image you give off to other people especially if it is for the more formal purpose.

In making stamps, here are several things you have to be concerned about:

  1. Shape

Stamps come in various shapes. In fact, it can be made into almost any shape you desire. Commonly, the proper stamps are round or rectangular. However, there is no rule regarding what is the best shape for a stamp. You should consult with the stamp manufacturer before deciding on a shape and make sure that the manufacturer is able to create such shape you want.

  1. Size

The size of the stamp depends on how you are going to use your stamp. For example, if you need to be mobile with your stamp, you need a smaller stamp that is easy to carry around in your pocket or in your bag. However, it you need to stamp large objects, such as parcels, packages, and other similar items, then you also need a suitable large-sized stamp to match the size of the items that it is going to leave an impression on.

  1. Stamp color

Stamp color refers to the color of the ink that is used for your stamp. These days, self-inking stamp and pre-inked stamp are the most popular types of stamps because they are much convenient compared to the traditional rubber stamp because they don’t need a separate ink pad that makes them a lot more convenient. However, since they are pre-loaded with ink, you should really think of the ink color you desire for your stamp because it will be a waste to change midway if you don’t think it through. The color of the stamp also affects the psychology of people who reads or sees the imprint left by the stamp. For example, if you put the word ‘denied’ in red, it will leave more impact than blue, and people will understand easier about the message you are delivering.

  1. Manufacture with a good stamp maker

The design of your stamp won’t come out the best way possible if you don’t want to spend money for a good and experienced stamp maker that can produce a quality stamp for you. That’s why, the choice of the stamp maker is also crucial in determining the quality of your stamp.

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