What More Can You Do to Create Better Flyer?

by Bryan Dew

Business flyers with the purpose of advertising and marketing your product or service must be made well so that it can fulfill its purpose to the fullest.

One of the most important parts of creating a flyer is the designing steps. There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to in designing a flyer to make sure that your flyer will come out nice and that it can communicate and advertise effectively toward your target audience.

Designing a flyer is more than just choosing colors, images, and putting words into the layout.

Here are more things you can do to step up your flyer printing game.

  1. Pay attention to the colors you choose

As mentioned before, you can’t just choose any color and decide that it’s good for your flyer. There is something called color psychology, and it can affect the way people perceive your flyer; it can affect the way they feel about your product or service with your advertising and marketing efforts. The use of color can trigger certain emotions of the person who sees it. So it’s really important to choose the appropriate color that supports the message that you are trying to convey with your flyer. For flyer printing, it is best advised that you choose for full-color printing for a more vibrant result.

In designing the colors of your flyer, you also have to pay attention to the color combination used. Printers usually use the color combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, otherwise known as the CMYK color combinations. However, the colors displayed on your screen usually uses the combination of red, green, and blue. There might be differences between what is displayed and what is later on printed. Thus, you have to make sure that you use the same color combination as your printer to avoid this mistake later on for a more satisfying result.

  1. Don’t use too many fonts

Remember to limit the choice of fonts to 3 types. Using too many fonts variations will only confuse the readers and it definitely won’t look pleasant. In choosing the font itself, make sure that you use fonts that are legible, meaning that they are easy to read. Avoid fonts that are overly designed that potentially cause confusion and mistake in how they are read or perceiver. The fonts of your choice must support the message you are conveying with your promotion.

  1. Paper stock quality

There are many choices of paper stock that you can choose for your flyer. They vary in quality and price. It is better if you choose higher quality papers that are thicker for a durable flyer that can look more proper. Of course, usually papers like this cost more than common office paper, for example. But they can display a better image and they last longer. Your flyer will look more professional and people may take your promotion more seriously with premium quality papers.

  1. High-resolution images

If you insert photos or graphics into your flyer, make sure that they come in high quality so that they won’t be stretched upon the printing process. The images you use must be sharp and clear. It greatly affects how your flyer will look. Even if you use premium quality paper stock, your flyer won’t come out nicely with blurry or pixelated images. You have to avoid this at all costs.

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